Matka is a make or break game. It usually makes steady thinkers and cool players fortunate and stressed target oriented players break. Some even commit suicide in frustration. Here are some tips to improve your chances of winning and make you hopeful. matka risk management

+ The First Point of Risk Management is avoiding Risk. Avoid Risk. Avoid Risky bets.

+ Do not Risk anything that you cant afford to lose.

+ Its easy to make slow and steady profit than to cover a Loss. Don’t go into loss in the first place and try to Cover it. Be on the best side even if its paying you only for a few handful of candies.

+ The main reason any given person is in loss due to the mindset that “Lets cover Yesterday’s Loss”. Dont try to cover Loss. Ever. Ever. Try to build a steady revenue stream and cover loss in parts. Not with one go.

“Start with less money. Even if you can risk”

Bankroll : Bankroll is total money you have to play the game. Usually your total investment that you can afford to lose.

Stake : Amount you bet

Staking is a very important concept. Its the core of Risk Management and Strategy Optimization. Its so Important, that, we have dedicated a whole chapter dealing with it in Professional Level of this article.