This article is a bit long, but covers the most important part of our ideology : Reality


The biggest and most active myth and rumor is LEAK GAME. Even today, there are people who believe in leak game : Result is leaked from highest organizing office and you get it in exchange for your money. First of all we want to make this clear to you : LEAK GAME DOES NOT EXIST.

What do you think ? The organizers are going to let away and leak information about a business that has hundreds of crores of rupees of turnover ? And that it is available for Rs.5000 a day ? Single Pick ? WTF.

At Just Matka, even with best equipped computing resources and logical brains, we struggle to get below the 15 Jodi per day mark and a stupid guesser, who cannot even spell matka, demands you huge money. Jaago Grahak Jaago.

Matka numbers are not leaked, by anyone at any given designation. Everyone cares for thier business, and when it comes to something that involves huge volume of cash wagered, every single aspect matters. It is like giving away key of your home to a known burglar – Would You Do That ? If not, why do you expect there are such kind of stupids ?

They care for their business as you care for yours. Would you watch Cricket if the result is known ? No. Don’t be fools and stop running around anything like LEAK GAMES. There are genuine guessers who can give you a good game.

If you are still into that Leak Game thing, you belong to North Korea.


Types of Leaks.

There are many things people will tell you to loot your money in the name of leak game. These are the classics.

Direct from God
You come across people who tell you they are directly connected to God. They sit in spiritual meditation and magically see numbers. This is how the Baba System works. They tell you they are directly connected to God. You believe them and run after them. You care less about the God himself and more about the mediators. And also despite economic and spiritual connections with the Gods, these Baba’s tend to die the same death as you. They behave like God wont listen to your prayers and they convey your prayers. If you come across such matka baba, fuck them.

There is no Baba, ( unless in puranas ) who can predict future outcomes.

Direct from Ratan Khatri
Ah. This one is our favourite. There are people who still claim and even use thier surnames as “Khatri” and tell you that they are family members, or very close to Ratan Khatri, the founder of matka and the most famous Mumbai Matka ( Worli Main ).

Ratan Khatri used to draw the game, even there used to be celebrities who drew the game ( cards ). But during emergency he got arrested and locked up. After he came out, he left matka. He’s occassionally seen in horse race courses and is leading a peaceful like. He claims matka is controlled by “D-mafia”. He is now not at all connected to matka and is leading a peaceful life.

Direct from Kalyanji Bhagat
You wont mostly come across someone who claims they get leaked numbers direct from Kalyanji Bhagat, the founder of Kalyan Matka. Kalyanji bhagat died a decade ago.

Direct from Jaya Bhagat
This is the most heard, still active leak source. There are even websites which claim are run by Jaya Bhagat and people very close to Jaya Baghat. She calls them and tells them the result some 45 minutes before ( very punctually ) and this very close to direct sources leak you the game. Jaya Bhagat died two years ago and still this close to Jaya Bhagat sources, can contact her and get the game from her grave.

Direct from Arab Nations
There is this interesting claim that the game is being oraganized from Arab Countries. Its not true. If its not true, there is no way anyone can leak game from Arab Countries. There may be bang rich arab investors, but they dont organize.

The Cigarette Story
The Cigarette Sotry is the most funniest of all leak sources. The organizers write today’s game on cigarettes, smoke them and throw out half consumed buds from top of a building and some people collect it. This so called collectors write down what possibly can be made of that cigarette bud and leak the game. Ok Dont laugh…..

Staff of the Organizers
Few people claim that they get direct picks from the staff of the organizers. There are under 10 people who know the outcome of the game before the result. They are do damn rich that they wont be selling you pikcs for few thousands. The staff at the Organizers, might have only one work. Attending calls. Thats it.

Bookmaker Staff
These are the people you meet day to day, the people who write the game slips. They claim, if you give them some Rs.20,000 or Rs.1,00,000 or Rs.2,00,000 , they’ll tell you today’s game, and even write it for you on your slip. If they knew the outcome, they’ll play for themselves anonymously and pack thier things and run away soon. They wont be working for Rs.10000 to Rs.15000 a month.

Transmission Hack
You hear this from tech geeks. This highly educated bastards claim that they hack transmission lines of the result distribution network and leak you the game. Even to the bookmaker, the game result is known only before 3 to 5 mins. And whats the use of hacking a transmission line after game playing time ?. Pointless. Dont believe.

Readymade Charts
This is really the hall of fame of this article. Some people claim that the game result is written for 100 years by Kalyanji bhagat and the present organizers just look at that pre-written chart and just release the result on time. And also those charts are available for sale. And the biggest joke of them all is, you can even buy them for Rs.5000 or so.


The Game’s organizers definitely want you to lose your money. They want to earn as much money as possible. Gambling has no sentiments . The game is designed in such a way that anyway you may write a strategy, anyway you may calculate, for a general player, situations faces itself so that you need to double your stake. The game will force anyone, almost everyone to double the stake. And thats how you lose money.

A successful player must know when to double and when not to. It is not necessary to double all the time. Nor it is necessary to keep on doing so. If you are in loss, it is because you doubled unnecessarily without thinking even once whether you need to double or not.

Doubling is dangerous to your gameplay. Its the main predator that kills you in the beginning and leaves you in loss.

We have created a special chapter dealing with Stake Management in Professional Level of this article base.

We dont know what kind of stupid plays six singles open to close. But some stupids do. If you are one of such kind we do not however regret to call you a stupid. If you play 6 singles open to close, we want to ask you one straight question. What have you earned ?

Here’s why

Playing 6 singles from open to close is same to playing 12 singles. There are only 10 singles, so, you are practically playing all singles. And you know its not good to cover all singles.

6 Singles : Each 100 = 600
Possibilities :-
Open Pass : You Get 900 ( 300 Nett Profit )
Open Fail  : Close 1800 ( 300 Nett Profit )
Close Fail : 2400 Nett Loss

In any possibility, you are risking double of what you are earning. You are earning a percentage of what you are putting in. This is not stock market. In stock market, the stock doesn’t fail right to zero, so there, percentage profits are apt. Here, if you lose, all your money goes straight to zero. So here, percentage profits doesn’t work. This is gambling, not stock market. The minimum here is double the investment or nothing.

In the wake of hitting for sure, you are playing 6 singles. Try less at lesser accuracy. Even if you lose, you’ll lose small amount. If you win, you double your investments and sometimes even quadruple and hexapule.



There are people who play higher number of Jodi’s for less margin of profit, which they think is consistent.

Let us explain about how playing 45 or more Jodi’s is harmful.

You are paid 1:90 for Jodi.

You play 45 Jodi x 100 rs: Rs.4500 Played. First day Pass You get Rs.9000 with Rs.4500 Nett Profit.

Next day you play 45 Jodi x 125 rs : Fail. Your Profit is washed away. One Whole Day’s work, got fucked up

What if the game fails 3 consecutive days ? Do you know what it takes to cover loss ?

Please dont be stupid and end up playing higher number of picks.

4 Singles Max for Singles
30 Max for Jodi
50 Max for Pana
2500 Max for Sangam



Here and there we hear a myth. A silly one : ” If there is a Load on a number , it will be changed “

We have experience in building large data sets in Real Time. If you dont understand what we are saying, We just want to say this : There is no Real Time Technology the organizers can possibly have or even employ that can scan-read-analyse the slips played by players. The players play mostly on Slips and Online. Online Data can be analyzed , but in 1hr they have before the Open is announced, lakhs of slips cannot be scanned unless the slip is OMR. Even if the slip is OMR SLIP, it takes days to scan and input 1 day’s data. Then how can be the load in Real Time be analyzed ????  Thats Bolshevik, if you ask us.

But, it may happen in the behind that only big bets are reported to the office asking to save the local organizer. But it is however the office’s decision whether to call off any single number based on a single-request. One local organizer’s loss may be many’s profit. So it happens rare and purely based on percentage of calls the office may recieve to call of any single number. Don’t blame the load for inconsistency in your strategy. How can 40 be equal to 45 practically. Yes, there are interchangeable, cut numbers in Matka, but that doesnt mean, you got anything closer by playing 40 instead of 45. In the evening, after 6PM, the only thing matters is how much you have earned. Thats it. Not what you have played.

So I recommend you not to play VERY HUGE. Your VERY HUGE may turn the game upside down sometimes. But not all the times. Matka is like a Golden Duck. Relying on the one golden egg per day is better than the foolish attempt to kill the duck and search for golden eggs in its stomach only to find there is nothing in the stomach.

Understand. Doh number ka dhandha doh number ka kahi na kahi hotha hai. You should be aware of that simple fact.


On how the bookmakes and organizers work , read The Dealer Side chapter.



Playing online not only is flexible, it is safe. There are genuine online matka playing websites that pay in time and on time. But be careful with ones that do not pay in time. It is why we recommend excersing caution when it comes to doing huge upfront deposits to play online. Deposit the amount which you are willing to play. It keeps you safe.

You can email us at [email protected] to get genuine online portal to play your game online.