Playing Matka is a fairly straight-forward process.

You decide which Part to play.


You decide which Variation to play.


You Pick a Number


You Play It with a Bookmaker (Bookie)


The Market announces the Result


If the result matches with what you played, you’ll win.
If not you lose.

Lets understand How to Play Matka step by step :

You decide which Part to play.

A Matka result is released in two parts. You can play the part of your choice.


“Full Result” 
NotePlease Note that Full Result is not a part, but its rather a combination of Open and Close. Full Result variations must be played in Open Itself, but it gets settled after Close Result only.

“You decide which Variation to play”

There are 5 types of matka variations you can play. They are different parts of the same result and have different rates.


“You Pick a Number”

Once you decide what variation works for you, you need to pick a number from that variation to play.

For Example, each particular variation looks like this :

Close Single: (0)

JODI : (80)

Open Pana
: (260)
Close Pana: (190)

A :
B : (8×190)

SANGAM : (260-190)

For Open/Close Parts you can only Play Single and Pana
Jodi / Half Sangam / Sangam only gets known after both Open Result and Close Result is released. Full Result variations must be played in Open.

Example : You cannot play Jodi / Half Sangam / Sangam in Close as they are Full Result variations meaning that they are a combination of Open result and Close Result.

You can play any number of picks. Meaning that, you can play multiple singles/jodi/pana/halfsangam/sangam to improve your chances of winning.

Example : You can play Open Single (3,8,2,7) 4 Singles, Each x amount you want. If the Open Result matches, with any of the 4 singles, you win.

“You Play It with a Bookmaker (Bookie)”

To “Play” your game, you need to have a Bookie. A Bookie is the one who takes your game, pays the money if you win.

What is “Playing”?
Playing is essentially you betting money on your “Pick“.

For Example :

Let us assume our “Part&Variation&Pick is :


We put money on it.

Our game that we send to bookie :

📄 Open Single 8 x 1000 Rs.

Here, we are betting 1000 Rs that 8 will be the result in Open. If the result is 8, we win, If the result is not 8, we lose.

“The Market announces the 📢Result”

The Market is the one who takes the responsibility of releasing the result so that bookie can settle the bets. Without result, you cannot know if you won or lose.

A Matka result, is as established, released in two parts.

“Open Result”
An Open Result is the first part of the Full Result

“Close Result”
An Close Result is the second part of the Full Result

Every Market has timings. Every business day, The Market releases Open Result and Close Result at that particular time.

Example Timings of Popular Markets :

Kalyan ( Market )
Open Time : 03.50 PM
Close Time : 05.50PM

Main Mumbai ( Market )
Open Time : 09.30 PM
Close Time : 12.10 AM

Let us assume, the result got released.

Open Result
📢 134-8
Here, 134 is Open Pana and 8 is Open Single

What we Played ?
📄 Open Single 8 x 1000 Rs.

As we played Open Single 8 for 1000 Rs,
and it matched with the released result Open Single 8, we win !
1000 x 9 Rs = Rs.9000/- Winnings.
(Rate Paid for Singles -> 1:9)

For Example, if you played Open Pana 260 and Open Single 8, you get payment only for Open Single 8 because the Open pana 260 did not match with the result ( Open Pana 134 ) in the given example. Meaning that, you get payment for matched part of the result. It is adviced that you should mention your game clearly when playing.

” If the result matches with what you played,
You’ll Win
 😀 If not  You Lose 😭Its a simple fact. You only win if what you played matches with the market released result.

If you Played 8 and the result is 8, you win. Your bet is multiplied by Rate and your winnings are transferred to you.If you Played 8 and the result is anything except 8 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,0), you lose and you don’t get your money back.

How Do you Pick a Number ?
Picking a number is upto you. Some Guess, some Calculate, some play other’s game. Depends. You can look at the record chart for particular game you want to play and come up with ways to guess the number.

Where to Play ?
If you do not have a bookie to play with, you can play with online bookies, there are literally thousands of online bookies available these days. There is no way you will not find one to play at.

When you get Money?
Almost instantly. Your winnings are transferred to you in less than 1hour after closing of the market. Always.

How much can you Earn?
Anything or Nothing. It depends on how accurate you are in guessing the number.

Which Markets are Genuine?
Prime, Time, Milan Day, Rajdhani Day, Kalyan, Milan Night, Rajdhani Night, Main Mumbai are few of the most trusted markets out there.