Matka, also known as Satta is a form of gambling popular in India and some Arab Countries. Matka is purely numbers game. Like lottery, numbers are drawn and players bet on numbers to gain profit.


History of Matka spans for over 50 years. It all began when the genius named Ratan Khatri came up with this wonderful game in 1960’s. Three cards used to be drawn from a big pitcher (matka) and numbers are announced. Hence the name “Matka”. It is said that Ratan Khatri also made celebrities draw the cards. The cards are then arranged in Ascending Order (The numbers of such order are called PANA/PATTI). Ratan’s matka game is known as Worli Matka. Now known as Main Mumbai or Bombay.

During Emergency under Indira Gandhi reign, Ratan Khatri got arrested for organizing illegal gambling and after release, he retired and started living peaceful life. He’s occasionally seen in race courts though. He also financed a film that was based on his real life.

Kalyanji Bhagat, after whose name Kalyan Matka is named, also made significant contribution to the game in keeping it alive. It is said, without his contribution, matka would have been forgotten by now. What he did is a crime though.

After the death of Kalyanji Bhagat, his son Suresh Bhagat with his wife ran the business. Suresh Bhagat died in an accident in 2008 and since then the business was maintained by Kalyanji’s daughter-in-law Jaya Bhagat. Jaya Bhagat is serving life sentence for murder of Suresh Bhagat.

We do not have information about who runs the matka business now, but some say, the mafia control’s it. Whoever controls it, it runs more punctual than many of the state-owned services :mrgreen: and its always as tough as it can get to predict it for beginners.

When we use words like excellent, brilliant, and such kind of words associating with matka which is in-turn a illegal game, it is to be taken in the mathematical point of view rather than on gambling point of view. The game provides considerable challenge to anyone who keeps thinking to solve it.  This site only addresses the mathematical point of view and does not in anyway, encourage / promote gambling directly or indirectly.


Matka / Satta has its presence in all 29 states of the country. There are no specific laws that convey that matka is illegal. But all sorts of gambling except horse-racing is illegal in India. Playing Matka, organizing matka attracts criminal offences.

Just Matka does not organize or recommend nor contribute to matka or any form of gambling in any manner. Just Matka is a mathematics based site. If you are based in India, please note that gambling in India is Illegal. You have been warned on accessing this site or reading this content is at your own risk


  • Playing Matka is nowhere as crime as supplying drugs or murder or rape.
  • Gambling has existed long before democracy has existed.

  • Government should not be bothered about what adults do with their money.

Since there are more heinous crimes than playing matka, probably, playing matka isn’t as much sin. But please be noted that it is of course illegal.


 If You think you are addicted to Compulsive Gambling, Contact us or take Professional Advice. However, Please do not confuse advice with help. Advice only consists of soothing statements, which serves only  to give you confidence and does not serve any commercial purpose. Don’t contact us asking for help ( asking numbers etc ).