Just Matka 8 Point Manifesto

Our 8 point manifesto outlines why we exist in this satta matka field, what we believe in and how we plan to achieve it.

Provide open access to basic information, lists and charts.

When we started playing matka back in 2012, there was no one who could explain to us the basics. We searched for relevant information on the internet but there is none. So we decided, we should be the ones to do it. Just Matka was born.

Even today, 7 years later, Just Matka is the only website committed to providing open access to basic information, lists and charts for beginners.

Increase awareness of Risk

When it comes to gaming on uncertain events, it’s risky. When it involves earning or losing money, awareness of risk is essential for everyone. It is why at justmatka, we provide information that increases awareness of risk dealing with uncertain events and is one of our top priorities.

Promote Alternate Thinking

Matka is based on Lines and Patterns, there is no question about that. Its time taking (usually 3-7 hours a day per market ) and also a player can be misled into playing something by hiding a pattern/line in plain sight. Markets use different tactics for improving their business, one of them is shaping you to play big on numbers that look so obvious via lines and patterns. It is why, at justmatka, we use an alternate methodology to break free of time-consuming searches and misleading plays. And Just Matka is the torchbearer for alternative thinking.

Promote Profit Thinking and Improve Nett Earning Potential

Matka is played for profit. But, as in all uncertain events, 99.99% players lose money, because they do one common mistake: trying to earn a lot in one go; Greed that is. But, in matka, it is not so unrealistic to be greedy. At justmatka, we believe in generating a stable revenue than get rich quick.

Develop and provide feasible solutions for Players and Guessers

Matka is based on lines and patterns which are highly misleading and take a lot of time to workout. Instead, we use standard solutions to solve matka which takes less than 30 seconds to calculate and work the same for everyone and everywhere. Our methods are the best available.

Provide customized services and solutions for specialty requirements.

Some customers might need specialized solutions. We met a few extraordinary client needs throughout 5 years of our existence. If we can do it, there is no better service out there to do it.

Implement Fair Business Policies and Provide unmatched service quality

At Just Matka, we are committed to fair business policies. Most Matka websites resort to cheating to earn money. At Just Matka, we utilize years of experience to bring you quality services.

Grow together with the community 

Community is all about growing together. All Just Matka community members are updated on the latest methods, possibilities, and opportunities.
Together, we are stronger!