MATHS ? Yes.

Matka is betting on “Numbers”. Numbers are essentially “Maths”. Behind every gambling game, there is a definite kind of mathematics in place. The basic mathematics behind every gambling game is Probability, matka is no exception. Probability is the branch of maths which deals with percentage of chance of events occurring or not occurring. Advanced maths includes Statistics, Calculus, Matrices, Combinations and Permutations and more than you thought might possibly be involved.

This necessarily does not mean that the organizers put complex mathematical thinking to draw the game everyday. Even if the organizers draw the game randomly, finding a solution to make money from it, needs logical thinking Then why we consider math in the first place? Because Mathematical thinking and logical reasoning can help predict game and in design of a profitable strategy.

You may ask us a question. If matka is based on mathematics, then why and not mathematicians try and win big?
Well, Matka is not played all across the globe and is not as famous as other games. And mathematicians spend better part of their life doing something that puts humanity forward. Even if someone cracked it, you would not know. They would just make the money, and keep it a top secret. But there are instances when mathematicians cracked other similar games and made a huge money out of it. Below is a link of a legendary team (inspired us) who did it:

At Just Matka, through years of research, we’ve built a mathematical model that predicts matka sangams using approximation.

Learn more about our methods in 🔗Research section of this website.

Then what about Data-Scientists and Machine Learning Experts? Why no one solved it?
Data-Scientists and Machine Learning Experts are highly valuable and the intelligent category in Computer Science industry. They get paid really really well – legally; more than they can ever earn in Matka.

If you want to explore machine learning possibilities, we have covered a full chapter explaining how we believe machine learning can be used to solve matka in 🔗 Exploring Machine Learning chapter.

Each gambling based game is designed differently. Roulette is not Blackjack or Poker isn’t Lottery. Every game has its own set of rules and way of play. But they are all governed by laws of Probability and Statistics.

To solve matka, one must know the mathematics that govern gambling based games like these, at least for information purpose. Then also, one must know the essence of the game, rules of the game, odds of the game. Then one must have the intellect to find a logic. Here, by finding, we mean invention. Either, One must have an intellect to invent a logic looking at the previous record to survive here or have great Investment to sustain and play with substandard strategy. A play based on sub-standard strategy always, mostly, ends up in losses.

There is also Luck. But its just a 0.001% involved.

Mathematics revolves around standard concepts on which any gambling game is built upon.

Probability & Statistics
Probability is a study which focuses on chance of an event occuring or not occuring. The particular event can be predicted based on past data (called Statistics). Probability and statistics are sides of the same coin. They depend on one another to predict, well, the possibility of a Future Event.

Important Wikipedia Articles to Refer :

LOGIC : 50%
You build a logic based on standard concepts of math and test them for accuracy.

SENSE : 19%
Sense, meaning Common Sense. You should be able to think, understand whats practical and whats not for you. You should know what you are capable and where you should improve. Lacking sense makes you vulnerable. Sense helps you know your limits and in turn a very important factor in the game that revolves around uncertainty.

LUCK : 1%
Luck involves your stars. We are not pretty much astrologers or numerologists. So Luck is Luck. Miracles happen here and there. Every now and then, someone not worthy wins big. Life Happens.


We don’t believe in luck, luck only favors the lucky, but hard work favors everyone.

If you believe in luck, well, you can play any astrologer’s game predicted from movement of stars, galaxies, pulsars and quasars which are light years away. 😛

The Reality -> 

Mathematical Thinking + Logical Reasoning + Sense = Profitable Way of Playing the Game.