If you are a serious player looking forward to make a lot of money playing matka, you need right tools. You need tools that reduces handwork and improves calculation speed – Softwares.

If you don’t have right tools its not practically possible to make any significant amount of money on Matka. 

Its what we call taking Calculated Risk. Computers can help you consider possibilities that you may miss. Take advantage of everything possible to you. Always. 

You need Analysis tools / Softwares to analyze data and apply observances to your profit.

Its 2018. Making use of all the resources available to you increases chances of making great money on Matka.

Remember, the game can be beaten. 

Microsoft Excel
Excel is undoubtedly greatest software that’s available to anyone. You don’t need much knowledge to use Excel making it straight forward pick to make use of for your matka endeavours. If you don’t have Excel on your computer, for God’s sake GET IT.

Excel helps you to maintain records, analyze data. Excel gives you power to write powerful logics with ease. Nothing beats excel; NOTHING.

Excel Version above 2007 is ok. We use Excel 2016.

Minitab is a enterprise grade statistical and analysis software that can help you find patterns in data. If you don’t know how to use Minitab, stay away, its confusing though. You don’t compulsarily need Minitab, but having Minitab helps. A lot.

Minitab 17 is preferred.

Well, MySQL is a Database System and managing it is not you do on daily basis unless you are a developer. MySQL Databases can be used to store vast amounts of data and understand it using analysis.

PHP/Python/Ruby/C++/Visual Basic
Having knowledge on any of these programming languages helps. Even if you don’t have, its not an issue, but having these handy helps a lot, reduces time-frame of building a successful strategy.

System Requirements

Operating System
Windows 8 / 10 Preferred

Excel 2016 is Preferred
Minitab 17

Core 2 Duo or Above ( i5 or i7 Preferred ).
We use AMD 8350 because we are AMD fanboys at any given time.

4GB or Above preferred. We use 32GB RAM.

Hard Disk
250GB or Above. Hard Disk Size does not matter.

Minimum System Build ( If you are buying a new PC)

Intel Core 2 Duo 
Intel Motherboard for Core 2 Duo
250 GB Seagate Hard Disk Drive
4 GB Samsung RAM 
Keyboard + Mouse {Prefer Logitech or Amkette}
Dell Monitor 

Total Estimated Cost of Build : ~ Rs.14000

If you have budget upto Rs.20000, consider getting a better Keyboard + extra 4GB Ram or a better processor.

If you dont have money to buy a computer, ignore. Workout on paper. We dont recommend you to spend money if you dont have it. Our aim is to workout a strategy in as much less investment as possible and make profit from it.

You can also calculate with help of mobile phone. It takes lot of time, but saves lot of money. But having a PC helps bigtime,