Well, everyone needs expert tips when it comes to anything that involves money gaining or losing. So, we’ve put together specific tips that make you feel comfortable with the mathematics of Matka. These are basic tips. For more advanced tips you can subscribe to premium membership ( costs money )


The hardest part of matka is not guessing. It is believing in your guess. Often, you guess perfectly and do not believe in your game. You play what others gave you and fail.  DON’T DO THAT AGAIN.

First, learn to believe in your game. Remember, If you WIN or LOSE, it is because of you. Not others. You had and have a choice.

There is nothing called LEAK GAME. Many people do this mistake. You should not. At least, we would not expect you to do that after visiting Just Matka. If you are already into something like that, we feel sorry for you. Life Happens.

Others around you always look as of they win all the time. But, they do not. They just flaunt when they win and never tell you when they lose. Everyone wants to project themselves to be successful. So, never compare your success with others.

Think responsibly. Think more responsibly if you have a family. Your kids, if they are small, you would be spoiling their career by spoiling yours. We recommend everyone to play responsibly.

 If someone says they can give you FIX single Jodi/Sangam/Pana, every day, they are kidding you. It happens only when patterns and schemes are in place. VERY RARE. DONT BECOME A FOOL. No one on the planet can give you a fixed game consistently. Instead, rely on method & strategy.

Don’t afford to lose money that which can drag you on to roads. There may be big winners who bet everything untill last rupee and won very big when they sold thier house and played. That’s shit. That kind of heroics wont work for you. Archie Karas is kown as the greatest gambler. He’s a cards player. His biggest bet was around 3500 Crore on a single game. HE LOST. The Pandavas Lost when they put everything they had. LAST GAME isnt a choice or heroism. Play peacefully. Enjoy happiness, Not Grief.

Each game is Unique. Understand that. Well, Kalyan isnt Milan and Milan isnt Rajdhani. Mumbai isnt Kolkata. Adopting same strategy for all games can turn counter productive. It may sometime work for the lucky but mostly fails. Instead, be adaptive. Take decisions based on the situation.

Wait, Watch and Hit. Don’t be in a hurry. There is always a better tomorrow. Don’t bet if you are not sure about yourself. Why are you in a hurry? Are you going to die tomorrow? Or are you sure tomorrow won’t come?. Remember : Tomorrow is as truth as today…

You are never due to win. The organizers are not due to you. Nothing comes, until it comes.

Don’t bet on your lucky numbers. I don’t know what kind of fool bets on 21 if they are born on 21. Really looks stupid to me. If you are playing for time pass, it does not matter; you can also play my lucky number ( that is 8 ). But If you are playing for profit, Please be reasonable. You are not a fool and don’t think like one. Your lucky number is not lucky number for all and most likely it will never come when you put your money on it.

 Don’t play something that others tell you in a hurry. Usually they turn up wrong. Do not play others game if there is no solid reason for you to believe that it will pass. DONT MAKE THIS MISTAKE

Avoid playing on Monday’s. Usually Market fluctuates a lot on Monday and your pick is more likely to fail on Monday than any other days.

Do not OverPlay. Limit your play so that there will be money for at least 3-5 days depending on your total bankroll. If not, you will never be able to cover your loss.

Do not double unnecessarily. The game is designed in such a way that it forces you to double to cover your previous loss. So don’t get into that doubling ( raise karke khelna ) kind of stuff. Double only when entirely necessary. Do the math and decide as per the situation. A successful player always knows when to double and when not to.

Vary Your Strategy based on Situation. Always vary or adopt your strategy based on the situation DON’T BE STRUCK WITH SINGLE STRATEGIC POINT. Varying stakes means bet a bit more on picks you feel confident. It increases winning when the pick passes.

Play 3 Opens to improve your chances of winning. Play 4 Max. Play 5 if hopeless. Not more than 5. Teek hai ?

Play Open to Close games only of good guessers. Not just anyone.

Play supports to improve chances of winning. This is what you must compulsorily follow.

Never play more than 30 Jodi’s / Brackets.

Play less money on the days when the game looks too obvious and very easy . In normal days, play normal money. If you believe, then go bet big. But with care.

Often, strong clues in the game are given to mislead. KEEP NOTE. If it looks very obvious or very strong clue, better leave it alone unless you strongly believe or want to test your luck. You can play less if you dont want to miss. But mostly, strong clues are always given to mislead you.

Sometimes, some clues are left and they get passed. It is because the organizers need to keep the “interest factor” and “wonder” factor. That is not your brilliance to find it and hit it. Its theirs. You win one day and lose many days behind such schemes. Rather, develop a good strategy that is consistent. Let it give more numbers, but look for consistency. That is the key.

Misleading types of clues are discussed in detail in our Strategy section. Read It.

Playing 20 Jodi’s ( of yours ) are much better and profitable than believing in some guesser and putting all your money only to lose on a single pick.

Follow best guessers who maintain accuracy above 80%, there are many such guessers. Just Matka’s average guessers accuracy is way above 70%.

Close in Profit while in doubt. Best thing you can do for a successful strategy.

Open and Close have Competitve Difference. Understand that. You may be set to think that playing OPEN and CLOSE is same. They have same rate, if you play the game in open or close. But there is a mathematical and  logical advantage to the player in playing CLOSE.

 Trying Sangam Is better than trying Half Sangam. We love Sangams. Who doesnt ?. Stay away from Half Sangams.

Make a tailored Risk Management for Yourself. Know how much you can afford to lose without going bankrupt with your family, then decide on how much you can bet on normal mode and aggressive mode.

Combinations and Permutations is the Key. You should surely know this maths to beat Matka. If you are unsure about using them, contact ADMIN at @

Simple Standard Deviation Concepts Rock. Standard Deviation applies to any running game. Learn the application in Building a Strategy from Scratch article.

Pick a Game and Stick to It. This is the THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP I WANTED TO GIVE. Dont play all availabe games.

Understand the Balance Theory.

 Understand the Realtive Risk Levels of each variations of the Game. All Variations aka SINGLE, PANA, JODI, HALF SANGAM and SANGAM, all are not same. Evaluating relative risk is more important than anything.

If you think we forgot any advice, or if you want to share your advice, you can always email us. YOU CAN ALWAYS CONTACT US FOR ANY ADVICE ( not game guess) . WE WILL BE GLAD TO HELP YOU.