What is a Method?

A method is a standard way of doing calculation. Contrary to pattern which changes day by day, a method stays same. Only input changes in method and the actual calculation stays same.

Is method Important?

Yes. Using a standard method is your first step to success in matka. A method can be measured, modified, improved and implemented as more data comes in.


Stays same. What works works and what does not, does not. Due to this, method offer high stability and accuracy in guessing method than any conventional approaches.

Being a heuristic method, its constantly under improvement and all modifications and accuracy enhancements are available to be used the instant its committed to the file.

Highly Accurate and Profitable.

A Method is balanced to account for error. Meaning that even if something goes wrong with the sequence, the result has higher chances of passing.

Highly accurate ! Upto 95% Sure matka number Guessing

A working method can be developed in less than 30 minutes, tested in less than 1 hour and deployed instantly and accuracy measured on the go never having to worry about finding patterns and spending hours and hours risking misleading patterns.

A working method stays same, calculation stays same so daily calculation time is less than 5minutes compared to 6-10 hours in finding patterns.

No Misleading like patterns. Works anytime on any game !

So, far the best way to make any actual consistent money


Method requires significant work. Knowledge on MSEXCEL may be necesssary. In certain cases, depending on what you are trying to guess, a Computer is a must.

There are no disadvantages mathematically. A Method may take time to perfect but once perfected, it will earn you money forever.

May take a lot of time to develop if the method is complex. Our Latest method MEHH.Quantum took us more than 3 Months just to build and test, its core took over 4 years to build and test to perfection.

Heuristic Approach

Heuristic approach is a problem solving technique in computer science where you use ways that can produce results that are sufficient for the purpose.

a not so working method and perfect it through trial and error. All our methods at Just Matka are based on Heuristic Approach.

Wikipedia link : Heuristics in Judgement and Decision making

This section revisits satta matka concept again, the two approaches to guess matka, advantages and disadvantages of each approach.

The Matka Variations

Patterns & Lines in Matka

Heuristic Process for Matka

Patterns v/s Heuristic Process [link notes page]

This section c

Setting Up the Target

Setting Up the Infrastructure

Preparing the Data

Preparing Your Mind

Introduction to Data Analysis

Statistical V/s Logical Analysis

Rules, Methods & Protocols

Static v/s Dynamic Rules

Classification : The Key to Matka

Microsoft Excel : The Essential Tool

Functions of Excel

Building your First Rule in Matka

Ideal Rule Checklist

Introduction to Method

Building Your First Method in Excel

Schema : Input -> Process -> Output


Input Management System (IMS)


Solving Layout

Readcopy : Spotting the Quasars