We dont know what kind of stupid plays six singles open to close. But some stupids do. If you are one of such kind we do not however regret to call you a stupid. If you play 6 singles open to close, we want to ask you one straight question. What have you earned ?

Here’s why

Playing 6 singles from open to close is same to playing 12 singles. There are only 10 singles, so, you are practically playing all singles. And you know its not good to cover all singles.

6 Singles : Each 100 = 600
Possibilities :-
Open Pass : You Get 900 ( 300 Nett Profit )
Open Fail : Close 1800 ( 300 Nett Profit )
Close Fail : 2400 Nett Loss

In any possibility, you are risking double of what you are earning. You are earning a percentage of what you are putting in. This is not stock market. In stock market, the stock doesn’t fail right to zero, so there, percentage profits are apt. Here, if you lose, all your money goes straight to zero. So here, percentage profits doesn’t work. This is gambling, not stock market. The minimum here is double the investment or nothing.

In the wake of hitting for sure, you are playing 6 singles. Try less at lesser accuracy. Even if you lose, you’ll lose small amount. If you win, you double your investments and sometimes even quadruple and hexapule.