Understanding Odds is your first step in understanding the ways to beat the game. If you want to make money, you need to understand odds very properly. It is why we dedicated a whole chapter just to explain ‘Odds’ which can be simply explained in one paragraph otherwise.


Odds can be explained simply as the money bookmaker need to pay you with respect to your stake. Odds are simply the rate paid you for any particular version of the game by the bookmaker.

*For your convenience, odds will be further referred to as RATE from hereon*

For Matka,

Rates may be different in different places.

Standard Rates :

Singles -> 1:9
Jodi -> 1:90
Single Pana -> 1:125
Double Pana -> 1:250
Triple Pana -> 1:600
Half Sangam A -> 1:1000
Half Sangam B -> 1:1000
Sangam -> 1:10000

Alternate Source :

Singles -> 1:9.5
Jodi -> 1:95
Single Pana -> 1:140
Double Pana -> 1:280
Triple Pana -> 1:900
Half Sangam A -> 1:1200
Half Sangam B -> 1:1200
Sangam -> 1:17500(SPSP), 1:35000 (SPDP, DPSP), 1:70000(DPDP)


Possibilities are the number of possibilities of the particular game you are playing. If you are betting on football, the possibilities is 3 ( Home Win, Draw, Away Win). If you are betting on Cricket, the possibilities are 3, ( Home Win, Draw, Away Win).

In matka, the possibilities for each variation of the game is as follows :

There are 10 Singles
There are 100 Jodis
There are 120 Single Panas
There are 90 Double Panas
There are 10 Triple Panas
There are 2200 Half Sangam A’s
There are 2200 Half Sangam B’s
There are 48400 Sangams


Understanding “Primary Loss on Odds” is important to understand what to play and what not to play. Not all versions of the game are feasible to earn money.

The primary loss refers to the loss on odds you begin with. Always, the rate provided to you is less than possibilities for that particular game. Example, there are 10 singles, but the rate provided is 1:9 meaning that if you bet on all 10 singles, 1 rupee each, you get back 9Rs only. Your net loss is 1 re or 10% of what you need to get.

Simply, the primary loss is how much percentage you lose if you bet on all possibilities of that particular version of the game.

The Primary Loss on Odds for all versions of matka games is as follows.

Singles -10%

Jodis -10%

Single Panas +4.2%

Double Panas +177.8%

Triple Panas +5900%

Why Panas have Positive Loss?

It is because, you can either win a Single Pana / Double Pana / Triple pana and not all at any given instant. The result can either be a single pana / double pana or a triple pana and not all of them , so even if they theoretically have huge margin together, it cannot be exploited  😉 

Half Sangam A -54.54%

Half Sangam B -54.54%

Sangams -79.33%